We are committed to making our services accessible to everyone, therefore, we keep our rates cost-effective so that you can invest in your future. The average rate per session is between $100 and $150 dependent upon the provider. We also offer an income based sliding scale where rates may start as low as $65 per session which means that your cost for your sessions will be in line with your budget. This will be do-able for you. You can do this. It’s important that you do this.

In addition, Inspiring Change will never request you to sign a contract or pre-pay for a certain number of sessions in advance. We believe we provide effective coaching tailored to your unique needs and we will demonstrate the value of our services through our work together with each completed session.

Please note that all services are self-pay. Health insurance typically covers a counseling service that is deemed medically necessary-a category that all who need support and guidance may not fall into. Personal development is not considered healthcare. With the ups and downs in life that many people go through every day, many people seek mental health treatment for reasons that are not defined by a specific mental health disorder. If the reason that you are seeking a therapist is not a diagnosable disorder then it can be quite difficult to get your insurance to cover the sessions.

Ultimately, the fact that insurance doesn’t cover personal development does not have to be a stumbling block.  Health insurance didn’t pay for your education either — and that was a valuable investment in your life. Participating in counseling and coaching services can be the transformative step inspiring change.